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New order

Dear a49f2a464030b8@mo.jugem.jp

This is Mr Kelvin Demis from Bostwick-Braun LLC
We are interested to place our first order, Could you please send us your latest catalogue and price list.
Also confirm payment term

Waiting for your timely reply

Best Regards
Kelvin Demis
Bostwick-Braun LLC
7349 Crossleigh Court, 
Toledo, Ohio 43617 
P : (800) 777-9640 
F : (419) 259-3622

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Quotation Request


Kindly quote us your best price and availability for the attached PO.

Please find attachment below.

excel view

Download Spreadsheet


1.     Please quote price for CFR Dubai Basis

2.     A Specimen MTC to be attached for technical evaluation.

Important Notes:

1. You shall provide delivery / availability on your quotation.
2. You shall clearly mention make / origin and weight   in your quotation
3. Please send along relevant technical details/Catalog. 
4. Your most competitive techno-commercial offer, complete in all respect, should reach us ASAP.

 We are looking forward for your prompt and positive response.


Elizabeth Naseef

Warehouse 7
19/14c street off Umm Suquiemm street
Al Quoz 3
P.O.Box 49844

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Read And Reply


My name is Richie Lai, a Client Relations officer at one of
Canada’s foremost Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This is a
private and confidential message from me to you and I request
that it be treated as such.

I am contacting you in respect of an urgent issue regarding a bit
coin wallet belonging to a deceased account holder. The Bit coin
(925 BTC) which was valued at over 7.2 Million USD was sold and
converted to cash at the request of the late account holder for
onward deposit to an account to be advised by her. We waited for
months for info on the bank account for the deposit but never got
feedback. upon inquiry, it was confirmed that she passed on after
a cancer related ailment.

At a meeting held by my management on the matter, it was resolved
that unless a Next of Kin or any relative comes forward for claim
or before 30th of August 2019 ( which I know would ordinarily not
be possible) the whole funds would be converted back to Bit Coin
becomes part of the Company's portfolio.

With the above in mind, I decided to quickly reach out to you so
that you can apply to my company for claim of this fund. Rest
assured that this is a straight forward process and no risks
involved whatsoever. Start to finish of the process with fund
deposited in your nominated bank account can be achieved within a
space of 5 banking days or less. All that I require from you is
full corporation and sincerity.

I will await your reply and indication of interest to furnish you
with further details including sharing ratio.

Best Regards

Richie Lai

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People of the Third World pray for you...

You are a successful, honest, merciful person.
Donate, please, not a large amount
To improve the lives of people of the Third World.
And kindness to you will come back many times multiplied.
Donation account Bitcoin BTC: 18tFMLBe5gcgGUt9MencBT7d4khLFqzaiT
May God protect you!

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